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Aneefterlysninger i USA

Oversigt over efterlysning af personer eller familier med relation til USA. De enkelte personer kan evt. søges i slætsdatabasen for yderligere oplysninger og familierelationer.

Hans Peter Lars Sørensen (Hans Peter Sorensen), born 1864 in Skanderup, Hjelmslev, Skanderborg, Denmark. He died 1923 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA. Know address in 1900 was 89 Forest Ave., Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, at this time his occupation was daylaborer. He married twice. First marriage with Gertrud Christensen (Gertrude Sorensen) in 1884 in Skanderup, she was born 1864 in Gram, Skanderup and she died between 1905-1910. They had the following children:
Carl Emilius Sørensen (Carl A. Sorensen) born 1884 Gram, Skanderup. Married, but had no children by 1923. He owned a barbershop in Fond du Lac.
Kathrine Jensine Kristine Sørensen (Catharine Jensen) born 1885 in Skanderborg. Married Jens Jensen, who probably was born in Denmark as well. Jens' address in 1923 was Butler St., Fond du Lac. They had a daughter around 1909 and a son around 1914.
Juliane Sørensen (Jennie Culver) born 1889 Skanderborg. Married a farmer named Culver. They lived 1 mile from Fond du Lac and had a daughter around 1909 and a son around 1915.
Marie Sørensen (Mary A. Westphal) born 1896 Fond du Lac. Married Westphal and had a son around 1919.

Carl Petersen (Karl Pedersen), born 1888 Skanderborg, Denmark. He came to the USA by 1910-11. Married to Carrie (born 1898 in Denmark, arrived to the States in 1913) before 1920, and they lived in Chicago, Cook, Illinois by 1920 and 1930. This might be a picture of Carl. They had three children:
Elmer Petersen born 1918 Illinois, died 1985 Lake, Illinois.
Raymond J. Petersen born 1921 Illinois, died 1996, Cook, Illinois.
Kenneth Petersen born 1925 Illinois.

Peter Christian Petersen (Christ Petersen), born 1890 Skanderborg, Denmark, died between 1958-71. Arrived in the USA by 1913. Marrie Ellen (born 1899 in Denmark) around 1920. By 1930 the family lived in Chicago, Cook, Illinois and Christ was working as a bricklayer. They had two children:
Milton C. Petersen born 1925 in Illinois.
Edith E. Petersen born 1929 in Illinois.

Hans Peter Otto Petersen (Otto Petersen) born 1891 in Skanderborg, Denmark and died 1958 in Hudson. He was married to Elcie and in the period 1926-58 he was living in Hudson. They had two sons:
Donald Petersen (Don Petersen). He had a daughter around 1945 and a son in 1952 in Mississippi. By 1958 he was living in Reinbeck, Grundy, Iowa.
Vern Petersen died before 1958

Viggo Christian Adolf Georg Petersen (Adolph Petersen, Dolle Petersen), born 1893 in Skanderborg, Denmark, arrived in the USA by 1913 and he died 1971 in Douglas, Nebraska. Married to Mae, with whom he had a daughter, Genevieve Petersen (Jenny Jepsen). By 1920 living in Chicago, Cook, Illinois and by 1948 living in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska.

Niels Thorvald Henry Petersen (Neil Petersen, Nels Petersen), born 1896 in Skanderborg, Denmark, died 1967 in Valley, Nebraska. Arrived to the USA 1915 and married 1921 to Opal. They were living in Nebraska in the period 1948-58.

Anna Rose, born 1827 in Vedsted, Gram, Haderslev, Denmark, she probably died in Newell, Buena Vista, Iowa. Married 1858 in Vedsted to Johan Peter Heick (1824 - 1873). They had four children:
Marie Dorthea Heick, born 1859 in Vedsted.
Henry Heick, born around 1861 in Vedsted.
Johan Frederick Heick, born 1863 in Vedsted.
Caroline Christine Heick, born 1865 in Vedsted.

Jørgen Christian Jensen born 1860 in Vejlby, Odense, Denmark died 1907 Los Angeles, California. Married 1890 in Dakota, Nebraska to Hanne Christina Rudolphsen. She was born 1861 in Rudkøbing, Svendborg, Denmark and died 1945 in California.

Ingrid Stina Jonasdotter born 1834 in Göteryd, Kronobergs län (Småland), Sweden, parents Jonas Johansson (1798 - ?) and Anna Lassen (1792 Göterud - 1874). She emigrated 1875 to Germany with her son Axel Tuvesson and was in 1876 married in Vedsted, Haderslev, Denmark. She probably emigrated to the USA around 1883.

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